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Our Story

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We are Siddhayu,
and we are reimagining Ayurveda
for today, every day.

About Us

Born out of the 100-year-old Baidyanath group, Siddhayu is reimagining the way you perceive, consume, and experience Ayurveda, the 5000-year-old natural science of life, every day.

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We relearn, question and reinterpret the ideas of the millennia-old science to make it understandable, accessible and most importantly effective for young, scientifically tuned consumers looking for natural solutions to health challenges brought about by modern lifestyles.

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Our symbol

A harmonious marriage of science and nature.

The Sid-dome is a symbol of scientific construct, not unlike a molecular structure is a transparent space within which rigorous scientific and clinical processes are practiced. It represents our rigorous, research-driven approach, which manifests itself in the multiple proprietary processes, and complexes we have developed.

While the leaf inside completes our story. Everything we do, has nature at its heart, using only the purest, cleanest ingredients and doing so in a way that gives back to nature more than we take from it.

Our Story

Ayurveda is a science, an ancient Indian science, passed down through generations and still revered today for its efficacy and use of natural herabal and mineral ingredients. A holistic healing science that considers the person as a whole – mind, body, spirit and emotions. The science of life.


At Siddhayu, we believe in this science, and, although it has been successfully practiced successfully for over 5000 years, we don’t belive it is immutable, it’s not a recipe book set in stone, unchanged for millennia.Ayurveda is powerful, built around the principle of balance, between the mind and the body, and between us and the world that surrounds us. A science that has the power of discover, adapt and reinvent itself, almost prescient in its ability to go beyond the what and ask the why; to solve the lifestyle-induced healtj problems of today.

As part of the 100 year-old Baidyanath group and one of Ayurveda’s premier research centres, we have been pushing the boundaries of Ayurveda, constanty questioning what can be achieved, as we seek to further its evolution into the new era. We research are obsessed with understanding, beyond just following. Which is why we go beyond the books to uncover the rational behind everything written in them, and then use continuous rigorous R&D and cutting-edge technology to constantly keep improving.

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What you get then is nothing short of the most cutting-edge Ayurvedic solutions available today, which will change the way you engage with Ayurveda. Our products combine the wisdome of Ayurveda with scientific rigour to bring you products that are natural, authentic, relevant to today’s time of high quality and reliability, in familiar modern-day consumable forms, clinically tested, precise in therir delivery, and transformational in their efficacy. All the while, speaking your language so that you understand what you are taking.

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