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Breathe Yogue is the ultimate, antibacterial, antiviral, inhalation therapy supporting sinus and respiratory tract health. Inspired by nature, it is a blend of 5 potent essential oils – Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Rosemary, Tulsi, and Carrot Seed in a base of Camelina sativa oil. It provides rapid relief from blocked sinuses and sore throat, keeps seasonal infections and allergies at bay, and boosts overall immunity. A unique, aromatic blend that disinfects, soothes and rejuvenates.

Use Breathe Yogue for multipurpose use to ease breathing, and to protect from irritants entering the nasal airways.

  • Specially designed for viral respiratory infections
  • Wards off sneezing, cough, chest congestion, and headaches by clearing off the nasal airways.
  • Strengthens immunity to cold, cough, and recurring seasonal infections
  • Helps remove nasal blockages and improves breathing
  • Multipurpose use – disinfecting masks, clothing, as steam inhalation drops, as aromatherapy oil.
 100% Natural, Pure essential oils, Purity -tested, Clinically Researched Ingredients

Country Of Origin: India
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

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The Breathe Yogue formula has been tested in the lab to confirm its antiviral and antibacterial activity. The combination of 5, handpicked, high-grade, essential oils, mixed in the right proportion helps to inhibit the growth of harmful viruses and bacteria. These essential oils contain several bioactive ingredients that are known to act against various bacterial strains and the influenza virus.



Often, airborne viruses and bacteria accumulate in the nasopharynx area, behind the nose, causing inflammation, fluid accumulation, and excess mucus secretion. Inhaling Breathe Yogue vapours reduces the microbial load in the airways and liquefies blocked mucus, thereby providing rapid relief. Breathe Yogue is, therefore, the perfect therapy for sinusitis and respiratory issues.



Phyto actives are the active compounds found naturally in traditional, medicinal herbs which are mainly responsible in imparting them their therapeutic value. These active compounds are extracted carefully in their purest form without distorting their natural composition and structure. Higher yet optimum concentration of these phyto-actives ensures superior efficacy, and safety for long term use.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTIs) are the most common and irritating illnesses. If not controlled at the onset, URTIs can get aggravated. Breathe Yogue is a carefully reimagined, respiratory health management therapy that helps to check URTIs at the start.

URTIs are caused by the increase of viral and bacterial load in the nasopharynx area, behind the nasal cavity. You need to control these microorganisms before they trickle down to the pharynx and beyond. However, it is hard to reach the nasopharyngeal area to provide treatment. Breathe Yogue, being an inhalation therapy, overcomes this issue. It delivers the potent bioactive compounds as a vapor that hits the viruses and bacteria in the exact location. The vapor contains several bioactive compounds – cinnamaldehyde, citral, carvacrol, eugenol, thymol, etc. – that have shown potent antibacterial activity against several strains of bacteria and antiviral action against the influenza virus. They destroy bacterial strains by disrupting their cell membrane.

Breathe Yogue heals without causing systemic side effects, unlike OTC drugs for cold and cough. The essential oils in the formula. vaporize and directly reach the intended target areas without impacting other parts of the body.

Breathe Yogue also heals via aromatherapy. The fragrance of the essential oils stimulates the brain and induces relaxation, thereby relieving stress and anxiety, boosting respiratory immunity, improving sleep, and supporting health and overall well-being.

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  • 2 – 3 drops
  • In a steam inhaler, or Apply to mask.
  • Apply topically or use in a diffuser.
  • For External use only
  • As an when symptoms persist


  • Respiratory Support: Add to a large bowl of hot water for steam Inhalation.
  • Breath of Life: In a diffuser. Helps clean the air and to relax the mind and maintains the state of positivity.
  • Stay Protected: Acts as a powerful disinfectant against viruses. Apply on masks.

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Sameer Kataria
Excellent Product

Excellent product.Good to have in the Post COVID era for protection of your family.

Dhruv Dhiran

Breathe Yogue

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