Appetite Yogue and Immune Yogue Junior Combo

Appetite Yogue and Immune Yogue Junior Combo

Due to poor eating habit and lack of appetite kids usually do not obtain sufficient nutrients from their diet this may result in a weak immune system. This is a holistic combination of natural appetite stimulant, Appetite Yogue, and immunity booster, Immune Yogue Junior developed especially for your kids. A combo that is best suited for children who have poor eating habits and those who have a compromised immune system!

Appetite Yogue is the ultimate, wholesome, all-natural appetite stimulant to help boost your child’s hunger as nature intended. The formula contains ginger, aloe vera, vidang, and other potent digestive stimulants. A holistic Ayurvedic, herbal combination that will gently yet effectively balance enzyme secretion and rouse your child to eat by enhancing his metabolism.

Immune Yogue Junior is a unique plant-based formula, specially designed to help your child’s immunity, work at its peak. A brilliant blend of Ayurvedic ‘Kadha’ herbs and Phyto actives infused with warm honey. Healthy, tasty, and easy to administer daily. Each serving delivers nutrients needed to strengthen your child’s resistance to respiratory and digestive infections, allergies, cough, and cold.

A perfect combo to naturally help boost your child’s hunger and immunity!

The combo contains:
Appetite Yogue – 200 Ml
Immune Yogue Junior – 200 Ml

MRP: 620.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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