Chyawan Yogue and Diabo Yogue Tablet combo

Chyawan Yogue and Diabo Yogue Tablet combo

This Ayurvedic Diabetic combo is a combination of clinically proven Diabo Yogue Tablets and Chyawan Yogue, the World’s first No Sugar Chyawanprash with Zinc.

Chyawan Yogue is the world’s first No Sugar, advanced Chyawanprash with Zinc. An immunity-boosting blend of fresh, whole Amla fruit, natural Zinc, with the added benefits of Flax and Sunflower seeds, Munakka raisins, all infused with pure, hand-churned Cow’s ghee and jaggery. Sustainably sourced and reverently handled herbs make Chyawan Yogue the best health-rejuvenating formula for you.

Diabo Yogue Tablet is a completely natural, clinically proven complementary formula to help normalize blood sugar levels in Diabetics and Pre Diabetics. A combination of potent herbs like Jamun, Bitter Gourd, Methi, Gudmar helps in the management of diabetes-associated symptoms and prevents damage of vital organs.

The combo contains:
Chyawan Yogue – 900 Gm
Diabo Yogue Tablet – 60 Tablet

MRP: 890.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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