Chyawan Yogue and Immune Yogue combo


Chyawan Yogue and Immune Yogue combo

A multi-level immunity booster combo to enhance your immunity naturally and help fight against respiratory infection.

Chyawan Yogue is the world’s first No Sugar, advanced Chyawanprash with Zinc. An immunity-boosting blend of fresh, whole Amla fruit, natural Zinc, with the added benefits of Flax and Sunflower seeds, Munakka raisins, all infused with pure, hand-churned Cow’s ghee and jaggery. Sustainably sourced and reverently handled herbs make Chyawan Yogue the best health-rejuvenating formula for you.

Immune Yogue is the ultimate Respiratory and Gut, multi-level immunity-boosting formulation. It is a specially-curated ‘healthy sweet bitters’ composition of 26 pure herbs. A bouquet of some bitter herbs, Woodfordia flower nectar, and Munakka raisins is slowly fermented over 6-weeks to make a therapeutic and subtly sweetened blend. Immune Yogue helps regulate digestion first and then works fiercely to protect your lungs and respiratory tract from infection.

The combo contains:
Chyawan Yogue – 900 Gm
Immune Yogue – 350 ml

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