Diabetic Care Combo


Diabetic Care Combo

Siddhayu Diabetic combo is a combination of Ayurvedic, clinically proven Diabo Yogue Tablets and the Diabo Yogue Cream.

Diabo Yogue Tablet is a completely natural, clinically proven complementary formula to help normalize blood sugar levels in Diabetics and Pre Diabetics. A combination of potent herbs like Jamun, Bitter Gourd, Methi, Gudmar helps in the management of diabetes-associated symptoms and prevents damage of vital organs.

Diabo Yogue Cream is a unique, natural, and steroid-free foot care cream for diabetics. It hydrates nourishes and softens dry, calloused, and infected feet. A carefully crafted blend of herbal extracts and natural oils improves circulation and helps prevent the formation of foot ulcers and blisters which often lead to a foot infection.

The combo contains-
Diabo Yogue Tablet – 60 Tablets
Diabo Yogue Cream – 60 Gm

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