Wormzwin and Appetite Yogue Combo

Wormzwin and Appetite Yogue Combo

Based on traditional Ayurvedic rituals, a unique and gentle herbal combo for promoting healthy metabolism in children for years to come. Lack of appetite can affect a child’s long-term growth and development. Intestinal worms along with a weakened metabolism usually cause a loss of appetite in otherwise healthy children.

Wormzwin is the finest and gentlest of herbal deworming formulas, specially curated for kids. It is a 7 – 10 days long, double-action, bitter herbs therapy. Wormzwin eliminates worms and other microorganisms and strengthens the body’s ability to expel them naturally to prevent re-infection.

Appetite Yogue is the ultimate, wholesome, all-natural appetite stimulant to help boost your child’s hunger as nature intended. The formula contains ginger, aloe vera, diving, and other potent digestive stimulants. A holistic Ayurvedic, herbal combination that will gently yet effectively balance enzyme secretion and rouse your child to eat by enhancing his metabolism.

We suggest you take 7-10 days of Wormzwin deworming therapy followed by a natural appetite stimulant for your kids.

The combo contains-
Wormzwin – 150 Ml
Appetite Yogue – 200 Ml

MRP: 490.00 Inclusive of all taxes

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