Time passes. Technologies progress. Brands evolve. The core philosophies, however, remain the same. Informing and enriching everything that has come. And is yet to come.
Such is the story of Siddhayu.

Born out of the rich heritage of India’s Baidyanath Group, Siddhayu is a 35 year old research platform with a century-old bedrock.

The Baidyanath Group was born in 1917, following the vision of one of India’s greatest Ayurvedic scholars:

Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma.

most importantly effective for young, scientifically tuned consumers looking for natural solutions to health challenges brought about by modern lifestyles.

Then there are the contributions to codes of best practices and the sphere of collective knowledge: Whether it’s conducting conferences that bring together Ayurvedic experts from around the world, establishing Ayurvedic clinics or bringing out books on the subject. Just to take one example, Vaidya Ramnarayan Sharma’s Ayurveda Sar Sangrah is even today referenced under The Drug & Cosmetics Act of India.

Baidyanath’s contributions have championed the cause of healthy, clean, balanced living – the Ayurvedic way.

Siddhayu is the next logical transition. It draws from this rich heritage of knowledge to create a strong and healthy future. True to Baidyanath’s tradition, it’s setting a new path – one that promises to transform the world of natural healthy living.

  • More than 700 Ayurvedic products
  • 104 years of expertise
  • 11 manufacturing facilities
  • 1 goal - Better health for all