Innovators by tradition.

We are experts in innovation based on our knowledge of the past and present of natural molecular complexes and herbs. Creating Ayurvedic health remedies that are instantly recognized by the body, and amplify the body’s own powers of regeneration, balance, and repair. The results are lasting and generative, meaning your health gets better with every use, every day.

The science, to the science.

Ayurveda is a science. A science that has the power to discover, adapt and reinvent itself, almost prescient in its ability to go beyond the what and ask the why; to solve the lifestyle-induced health problems of today.

Siddhayu has been pushing the boundaries of Ayurveda, studying the Shlokas from the Ayurvedic Grantha to understanding the rationale behind the formulations, and the standpoint of Ayurvedic ethology of disease and pathophysiology. So that we can provide Ayurvedic remedies for today through diligent modern research. Constantly improving to bring you solutions that change the way you engage with Ayurveda.

Each Siddhayu product is specifically designed by Ayurvedic practitioners, expert nutritionists, and herbalists.

Each Siddhayu formula is validated by a team of scientists: clinical physicians, toxicologists, natural products chemists, and quality engineers.

  • FDA approved
  • Tested for heavy metals
  • Conform to highest quality standards
  • Clinically Validated
  • Effective & Safe
  • GMP & ISO certified

Proven results, statistically significant.

All our products are either clinically proven or are currently undergoing clinical trials. The word “proven” means that in the clinical trial, the results reported were actual, significant, and able to pass the strict International regulations. Clinically tested simply means an ingredient, or product, was tested. It says nothing about the results. The truth is, the results could be quite negative.

At Siddhayu, research team believes in research backed concepts and products. We use the gold standard of clinical trial protocols, randomized and controlled, parallel-group (RCT). As per protocol, we use blinding and placebo comparator which makes protocol complying international standards required to be followed by the pharmaceutical companies. The right protocol design makes the research relevant and accepted worldwide. It ensures accuracy and reproducibility of outcomes.

We at Siddhayu use research as our tool to get to the best quality products delivered. We imply pilot clinical trials to select best composition to take forward as a lead and convert to the product.

The final version of the product developed undergoes clinical trial to ensure the safety and efficacy as per the international standards and thus the results we generally obtain are in line with the product development and statistically significant. We get differentiated than merely quoting “clinically tested” to providing statistics behind the substantiation of the indications of the product.

Innovation that improves lives

Nature has it all. It is only a matter of finding it, combining it in the right way, processing it, and preserving it.

We are obsessed with innovation. Not just because we enjoy it, but we realize your changing needs, the adaptability nature expects from us as it continues to evolve.

Combining our decades of experience with constant study, state-of-the-art research and development laboratory and cutting-edge technology, we are constantly striving for a new balance between man and nature which is beneficial for both.

Siddhayu has a dedicated wing for research in ayurvedic products. It promotes multicentric and multidimensional research with new developments in the existing and future arena of herbal pharmaceuticals and healthcare solutions. We develop and manufacture innovative, effective and safe products for people’s health and well-being, bringing them closer to themselves and nature.