Pure potent botanicals

The herbs used in each of Siddhayu’s bottles are wholesome, potent, and full of life, brought to you in a form that it was intended.

We dedicate our research expertise for identification of potent and indigenous botanical actives and for extraction of high performing Phyto-nutrients at unparalleled levels of purity having the desired efficacy and activity

Our belief in the power of Ayurveda and the traditional actives, known for eons for their efficacy, combined with our formulation prowess has led us to bring out best of the herbs we use. The herb is used as a whole wherever possible for maximum efficacy.

  • All natural
  • No Parabens
  • Clinically researched ingredients
  • Non GMO
  • No Gluten & Soy

Conscious sourcing

We respect nature and protect biodiversity and the environment to obtain natural, pure, and safe raw materials.

Herbs, since time immemorial, have been a boon to restore human health whenever it is threatened with an imbalance. But like all-natural resources, this gift too is vulnerable and needs to be preserved in its original form, the specific genotype as documented in Ayurvedic Granthas for their medicinal properties. True for both cultivated and forest herbs – shrubs and trees.

We give immense importance to these aspects and allocate sizeable resources to ensure the sustainability of medicinal herbs. Like captive plantation over several hundred acres of land in our possession, and buyback arrangements with farmers for cultivated herbs, where we provide quality seeds, natural plant fertilisers, and tonics, as well as herbal pesticides to ensure the final produce does not have any residue of harsh chemicals.

Most importantly, the farmers are trained by an expert team on good agricultural practices like planting and cropping technologies, natural manure, irrigation, and harvesting.

Mindful processing

In the processing of medicinal herbs, harvesting is a crucial step. When the important phytochemicals reach peak levels for best therapeutic benefits, that’s when harvesting should be done, making season and time-critical.

The mode of harvesting determines the best yield, and different techniques are adopted depending upon the plant being harvested. For leaves, flowers, and fruits of particular maturity, handpicking is preferred. For stem, bark, and roots, implements are used to save the plant and yet harvest useable plant material, an aspect crucial for sustainability.

Post harvesting, the plant material is mostly shade-dried under humidity control to prevent exposure to high temperatures which can alter its phytochemical constituents.

The main objective of processing post-harvesting is to ensure minimal intervention and avoid harsh processes like heated tunnels and hot air fluidised drying system. Avoiding washing with anti-microbial chemicals which can irreversibly harm phytoconstituents.

Our focus is to avoid the breakdown of the Biomolecules and retain the goodness of the phytoconstituents to ensure its purity and highest therapeutic potency for the nest quality and efficacy of the medicinal herbs.

Responsible labels

Each of our Siddhayu labels is as per the approved formula by the Food and Drug Administration of India. We pick only the finest ingredients so that one can experience the power of plant-based nutrition and they have all been clearly mentioned on our labels.

We are proud of being Indian and celebrate the diversity of languages we have. But we also realize that most of the Ayurvedic herbs are known differently throughout the country and hence have clearly stated the scientific names of each herbs or fruit in the formulation.

We are honest and open about the ingredients in our products. The preservatives wherever used are of high quality approved food grade quality which are necessary for the stability of a good natural product and crucial to avoid any microbial contamination which defeats the sole purpose of a therapeutic natural product for better health.