Renewable energy

We believe there is no responsible alternative to doing business other than through the pursuit of environmental sustainability and this belief guides every decision we make.

We are consciously doing our bit towards contributing to a greener environment by producing green energy through our very own wind and solar farms with over 120 MW of installed capacity. This helps us cut CO2 emissions and helps reduce the adverse effects of global warming.

All of our products are manufactured with 100% wind power through renewable energy credits and carbon offsets balancing our electrical and natural gas usage. renewable energy

We find our inspiration from nature and believe that nature is not merely something to be cherished and protected, but also emulated as a model of sustainability.

Organic farming

Not only now, but for the past few decades, we as a group have supported and promoted natural organic farming on hundreds of acres of land we own, where we grow a lot of our own herbs and trees, supporting the ecological balance. We have mainly adopted a no-chemical pesticide policy

We are committed to practice methods that nourish and nurture Mother Earth and, enrich her biodiversity and regenerate the soil.

For Siddhayu products, we carefully develop our packaging based on our sustainability policy;

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

Making it possible

We are proud manufacturers of natural soil conditioners. These manures are made with nutrient-rich herbs along with the residue of our herbs we collect during the manufacturing process which still have a lot of potential when processed correctly as a manure. These are given at subsidized rates to farmers to improve their soil quality and to increase the crop quality and yield.

We feel this is crucial as being patrons of the herbal sector, it is our duty to provide the best alternatives to chemically laden fertilizers and to educate farmers on the natural alternatives available for better farming practices which is also beneficial for them.

Recyclable packaging

For Siddhayu products, we carefully develop our packaging based on our sustainability policy – Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.

We use PET plastic on most full-sized products. PET plastic is 100% recyclable and all packaging is BPA free. We encourage all Siddhayu bottles to be put into the recycling bin. However, to make sure the material is successfully recycled, we suggest to rinse the product of and leave the caps on the bottles before putting it in the recycling bin.

We also use amber glass and PE tubes for some products, both being 100% recyclable.

As a commitment with our future generations, we keep improving our packaging, without compromising its quality, as well as our sustainability design strategy. This is only possible working in collaboration with our packaging suppliers and external institutions.

Sustainability is ingrained in every aspect of our company. We aspire to deliver sustainability not only in our products but also our ingredients, workplace and employees to reaffirm our commitment to the environment.