Siddhayu Gokshura Men's Wellness Tablet (By Baidyanath)

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Siddhayu Gokshura Tablet is a plant-based, non-hormonal bio-rejuvenator for men. The primary ingredient is pure Gokshura fruit extract. Gokshura is used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine to help increase testosterone levels. The tablet leverages this power of the herb to deliver a potent therapy for men that supports enhanced vigor, vitality, and stamina.

Use Siddhayu Gokshura Tablet for improved physical strength and energy levels.

  • Helps in bodybuilding by supporting muscle growth and toning
  • Aids in boosting endogenous testosterone secretion
  • Helps to reduce general weakness and boost confidence
  • Helps support greater endurance during workouts
 GMP/ ISO, Premium Standardized extract, Vegan, Gluten free

Country Of Origin: India
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

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Siddhayu Gokshura Tablet is an all-natural formula containing pure Gokshura fruit extract. We use a carefully controlled extraction process to ensure that the purity and wholeness of the herb’s chemical constituents are retained. Gokshura extract contains Saponins, organic compounds that help boost testosterone levels, promote increased muscle mass.



A standardized herbal extract contains one or more highly therapeutic bioactive compounds, in fixed proportions. The Siddhayu Gokshura Tablet is a standardized herbal product with a consistent phytoactive composition. Each tablet provides 250 mg of Gokshura fruit extract, containing standardized Saponins.



Gokshura owes its healing power primarily to a group of organic molecules called Saponins. The Gokshura herbal extraction is done with utmost care to ensure maximum extraction of the bioactive, which includes the major active compounds along with supplementary molecules to retain and deliver the highest potency.

Today, men face high levels of stress, which impacts their immune system and genitourinary system. They experience lethargy and general weakness.

The Siddhayu Gokshura Tablet is a rejuvenating tonic specially designed for men. It is an excellent example of Ayurveda reimagined – traditional knowledge backed by scientific study.

The Gokshura fruit extract in the formula is rich in Saponins (protodioscin and protogracillin). Recent studies show that Saponins stimulate the pituitary gland to increase Luteinizing Hormone (LH) secretion, which, in turn, stimulates testosterone (male hormone) secretion. Higher testosterone levels help boost fertility by increasing sperm production and improving sperm quality. Besides, there is a marked improvement in stamina, vitality, and performance.

The Protodioscin Saponin also acts as an anabolic tonic. It helps release nitric oxide, which in turn increases oxygen-rich blood flow to the muscles. With a better blood supply, muscles can absorb protein to the fullest, becoming stronger, heavier, and toned.

Some researchers have also reported that Saponins help to increase red blood cell production, improving oxygen distribution to the tissues. Saponins also help cleanse the urinary tract and boost confidence.

Most importantly, being plant-based, Saponins are easily broken down and do not accumulate in the body tissues, unlike OTC, inorganic steroids. Besides, inorganic steroids have the following side effects: they tend to increase blood sugar levels in Diabetics, impact calcium levels leading to brittle bones, etc.

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  • 1 Tablet, Twice daily with water
  • Use as advised by your physician
  • After meal


  • Non-vegans can take the tablet with warm milk
  • Use in combination with Ashwagandha Tablet, For optimum stamina and energy

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Himanshu Rajput

Siddhayu Gokshura Men's Wellness Tablet (By Baidyanath)

Advocate Amit Kumar Sharma

Feeling good

Ubaid Ayaz
Good product

Genuine product ad 100%Ayurveda

Anurag Dutt

Good Product... Fast Delivery.. Genuine Price.. It gives a little smell which can be taken care of.. Otherwise a good buy.


Gokshura Tablet

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