Immune Yogue Junior - 200 ml And Cof Yogue - 150 ml Combo

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Immune Yogue Junior – 200 ml: A herbal formula designed for young developing physiology and metabolism. The perfect blend of traditional Kadha and pure herbs infused with the warmth of honey works quickly on itchy, scratchy throats providing instant relief. Regular use of Immune Yogue Junior strengthens immunity, improves digestion, and prevents recurrent coughs and colds.

Cof Yogue – 150 ml: Children are constantly exposed to dust and grime, making them prone to recurrent coughs and colds. Protect your child with Siddhayu Cof Yogue – a natural honey cum potent herbs blended cough syrup to soothe the throat and manage infection. The formula is devoid of steroids, alcohol, parabens. It is a pure and natural product, safe for kids above 36 months.

This Kids’ Combo Pack contains:
Immune Yogue Junior – 200 ml – 1 pack
Cof Yogue – 150 ml – 1 pack

Country Of Origin: India
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

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