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Siddhayu Lasuna Tablet is a pure, herbal product enriched with the goodness of Lasuna (Garlic) extract. Garlic is known to exhibit cardioprotective and antioxidant activities. It helps fight oxidative stress and protects tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals. It also helps support digestive health and relieves gastrointestinal discomforts.

Use Siddhayu Lasuna Tablet to support overall health, especially the heart and digestive system.

  • Aids in supporting healthy cardiac functioning
  • Helps improve vascular health by reducing lipid buildup
  • Helps in maintaining a robust immune system
  • Helps stimulate enzyme secretion, leading to improved digestion and less flatulence
 GMP/ ISO, Vegan, Purity-tested, Gluten free

Country Of Origin: India
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

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  • 1 Tablet, Twice daily
  • After meal
  • Use as advised by your physician


  • Avoid excess salt and oily food
  • Also available, Heart Yogue Healthy Sweet Bitters
  • Combined use of Lasuna Tablet and Heart Yogue recommended

Active Natural Ingredients

The Unique Benefits



Siddhayu Lasuna Tablet is an all-natural formula containing pure Garlic extract. We use a carefully controlled extraction process to ensure that the purity and wholeness of the herb’s chemical constituents are retained. The bioactive molecules in garlic help support healthy cardiac functioning by lowering lipid and cholesterol levels in the blood and inhibiting platelet aggregation.



A standardized herbal extract contains several bioactive compounds in fixed proportions with therapeutic properties. The Siddhayu Lasuna Tablet is a standardized herbal extract product with a consistent phytoactive composition. Each tablet contains 250 mg of Garlic extract, which has multiple therapeutic properties.



Garlic owes its healing power primarily to a group of organic molecules called Allicin. The Garlic herbal extraction is done with utmost care to ensure maximum extraction of the bioactive, which includes the major active compounds along with supplementary molecules to retain and deliver the highest potency.

Ayurveda. Science.

Garlic is an incredible natural healer. It possesses several beneficial properties, including the ability to support and promote cardiac wellness.

The Siddhayu Lasuna Tablet is a true example of Ayurveda reimagined in the present-day context. It leverages the therapeutic properties of garlic to deliver a powerful product that supports cardiovascular functioning.

The following factors cause cardiovascular diseases: high cholesterol levels (especially LDL), high triglyceride levels, increased platelet aggregation, high blood pressure, and stress.

Garlic contains the bioactive compound Allicin, a group of volatile oils. Scientific studies and clinical trials have shown that Allicin is highly beneficial in controlling factors that cause heart diseases.

Allicin helps lower total blood cholesterol levels by inhibiting the key enzymes involved in cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis. Studies also show that Allicin may help regularize blood pressure levels and inhibit platelet aggregation. It may also help improve blood circulation by enhancing fibrinolysis (a process that prevents blood clots from growing).

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