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Painquit Roll-on is the ultimate herbal, topical formula for joint and muscle pain. It is specially curated to provide relief from pain, inflammation, sore muscles, sprain, strain, and stiffness. It combines 20 potent herbs and oils and penetrates deep at the site of application and provides rapid relief.

Use Painquit Roll-on for effective relief from pain and swelling in your joints or muscles.

• Aids in reducing agonizing pain in the lower-back, knee-joints, stiffness in the neck, shoulders and muscles.
• Provides relief from sprained ligaments and strained muscles.
• Helps alleviate pain and stiffness from a sports injury, sedentary lifestyle, improper posture, or long working hours. Aids in reducing temporary and lingering pain.


 All natural, Clinically-researched ingredients, Pure and Safe

Country Of Origin: India
Shelf Life: 3 years from date of manufacturing

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Faster Absorption

Painquit Roll-on is a fast-absorbing, rapid-action formula. It contains Menthol, which helps the roll on to be absorbed rapidly by the skin and relief pain and inflammation in the affected area.


Non-greasy, Non-staining

Despite the natural oil base, Painquit Roll-on is non-greasy and non-staining. You can use it without fearing any damage to your favorite clothes and linens.


Easy, No-mess, Roll-on

The twin-axis roller ball technology used in the dispenser makes it easy to hold and apply. Further, the big-sized roll-on balls aid faster application over larger areas.

Siddhayu has reimagined pain management to bring you Painquit Roll-on, an effective joint and muscle pain relieving roll on. The foundation of the roll on is the Prasarini oil, a traditional infusion of 13 herbal oils made by the elaborate Siddha Taila Pak Vidhi. The oils are known for their antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antinociceptive, analgesic, vasodilating properties. It provides localized relief, at the site of application, by inducing vasodilation (opening the blood vessels) thereby increasing the blood flow to the area.

The natural, herbal oil extracts infuse Painquit Roll-on with therapeutic potential in pain relief. It is antinociceptive and helps to reduce the sensation of pain caused by injury and swelling.

The Siddha Taila Pak Vidhi is an elaborate Ayurvedic process of making a gentle yet potent blend of herbal extract infused with the moisturizing goodness of milk. In this process, natural herbs and milk are boiled together for a long time. The process adds the natural milk proteins and cream to the final product, thereby reducing the drying effect of the herbs.

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  • 3-4 times a day.
  • Roll-on in a circular motion
  • On the affected area.
  • As an when symptoms persist


  • Avoid massaging, apply gently.
  • For chronic and acute pain, combine with Painquit tablets.
  • Hot fomentation recommended.

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