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We combine natural ingredients and modern scientic technology to reimagine Ayurveda for today, every day.

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Our Exceptional

Healthy Sweet Bitters

Our exceptional, well-researched formulations of therapeutic bitter herbs traditionally fermented with the subtle sweetness of Woodfordia flower nectar and Munakka raisins.

The elaborate, 6-weeks long fermentation process ensures maximum extraction of phytonutrients. Further, the preparation during maturity emulated the prebiotics and probiotics activity that is so essential for gut and respiratory health. Reattune your taste buds to sweet-bitterness for boosting multi-level immunity.

It is the ultimate in Ayurveda reimagined.

Way of wellness

360-degree Wellness

The Siddhayu way of wellness is wide-angled and comprehensive. We have combined traditional wisdom with new-age knowledge to deliver supplementary therapies – reimagined to fit modern-day relevance.

Our products protect at several levels - from inside as well as on the outside. Introducing the aromatic power of well researched and proven essential oils that disinfect and provide an added layer of protection to your masks and clothing. Today, with rapidly evolving normal, this added protection is a necessity. Double-shield yourself, your family, and thereby the society as a whole.

Be the defining factor, adopt our formulas, protect, and stay protected.

Way of healing

Nil in Refined Sugar, Rich in Zinc and Super Seeds

At Siddhayu, we understand the natural way of healing better than most. We have reimaged ancient formulas to the next level without compromising on taste. Our products are unique – in addition to herbal extracts, they contain Flax and Sunflower seeds, rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, and grape seeds, a super antioxidant, all infused with the richness of hand-churned Cow’s ghee. The added supplement of Zinc, a vital natural element, enhances their value beyond imagination.

You get all these benefits and more without the side-effects of non-nutritive sweeteners, such as refined sugar or artificial sugar.

Innovators by tradition

Time passes. Technologies progress. Brands evolve. The core philosophies, however, remain the same. Informing and enriching everything that has come. And is yet to come.

Born out of the rich heritage of India’s Baidyanath Group, Siddhayu is a 35 year-old research platform with a century-old bedrock.

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Selfcare The new priority

Ayurveda believes the best thing you can do for the planet and others starts with putting yourself first. The world needs you to be the finnest version of yourself – it needs your capacity, clarity, and vitality.

Ayurveda has always professed self-care and all our products have been carefully crafted to give you the best to attain the best within you.

Ayurveda for Selfcare